Ships for sale
For sale geared fully cellular container carrier 1000 TEU, 11800 t deadweight on 8.8 m draft, 2008 built, 250 ref. plugs, 2x cranes 45 t SWL, ME: MAN B&W
On your request, price change due to high market volatility
Location: North Coast South America
For sale boxed genral cargo vessel, 4200 t dwt on 5.7 m draft, 1995 built in Netherlands, cubic capacity 5580 cbm, DNV ice 1A class, ME: MAK 2900 HP
On your request
Location: North/Baltic
For sale high specs chemical oil tanker, 5800 t DWT on 6.3 m draft, 2008 Turkish built, 10+2 grades, cubic capacity 6250 cbm, IMO2, BV ice class 1C, ME: MAK
on request
Location: North Sea/English Channel
For sale high specs chemical oil tanker, 7000 DWT on 6.3 m draft, 2010 Turkish built, 12+2 grades, cubic space 8000 cbm, IMO II type, BV ice class 1C, ME MAK
On your request against full style of Buyers
Location: Netherlands
For sale gearless general cargo vessel 5070 t dwt on 5.5 m summer draft, 2005 Chinese built, holds cubic capacity 6430 cbm
2.1 mln USD
Location: Black Sea
Category: ASD tugs
For sale Robert Allan ASD tug 50 t bollard pull, 2015 built in Turkey, 2x ME: Caterpillar 3300 hp total capacity, RINA (IACS) class till Aug 2025
On your request, can guide accurately on price
Location: Baltic Sea
For sale steel made floating dock, maximum lifting capacity 6500 t, 2008 built in Korea, fully autonomous, good working condition
All details here against named Buyers
Location: Malaysia
For sale general cargo vessel 5000 t dwt on 5.5 m draft, 2006 built, grain cubic capacity: 6700 cbm, RMRS (IACS) class, next SS Feb 2026
Please request price idea
Location: Black/Mediterranean Sea
Conventional tug for sale, 2x screw in Kort Nozzles, shallow draft, 44 t bollard pull, 2x ME: Cummins 3200 HP, German owners, BV class till Feb 2024
Owners inviting best offers, can guide you
Location: Germany
Category: ASD tugs
Multipurpose ASD tug for sale, 70 t bollard pull, 2010 built, 2x ME: Caterpillar 5700 hp, 2x Schottel prop, FiFi 1 with water spray, BV class till Jul 2025
Pricewise we can guide upon interest.
Location: North Sea