Container Carriers
For sale geared low drafted Ro-Lo container carrier, 3100 DWT on 4.25 m draft, 1990 Danish built, container intake 315 TEU, 2x crane 27 t and 40 t SWL
Can guide on price
Location: Carribean Sea
Geared single deck container carrier, 8000 t deadweight on 6.6 m draft, 1997 Japanese built, container intake: 650 TEU, 108 ref. plugs, 2x cranes 38 t
Pleased to hear your named interest
Location: Far East/South Korea/China
For sale geared MPP container carrier 35000 DWT on 11.3 m draft, 2002 built, cubic capacity 45100 cbm, 1875 TEU, 4x 40 t cranes, NKK class
Attractive price on your price
Location: Trading worldwide
For sale gearless cellular container ship, 6270 t deadweight on 6.4 m draft, 1999 Korean built, container capacity: 411 TEU, 40x ref. plugs
Please advise interest
Location: Far East/South Korea
Geared Wenchong 1700 type for sale, 23500 t deadweight on 10.9 m draft, 2005 built, TEU capacity 1750, 300 ref. plugs, 5Ho/5Ha, cranes 2x 45 t, ME: MAN B&W
on request
Location: Mediterranean Sea
For sale geared fully cellular container carrier 1000 TEU, 11800 t deadweight on 8.8 m draft, 2008 built, 250 ref. plugs, 2x cranes 45 t SWL, ME: MAN B&W
On your request, price change due to high market volatility
Location: North Coast South America
Tweendeck MPP 12700 t DWT, for sale, 2007 blt, ice class 1A, 665 TEU, 25x ref. plugs, holds volume: 15950 cbm, 2x cranes 120 t (240 t comb), ME: MAK 7250 HP
Location: South China
Japan built container carrier 1150 TEU, 17700 t deadweight on 9 m draft, 2007 built for sale, 150 ref. plugs, NKK class till July 2025
Temporary withdrawn from the market
Location: South-East Asia
Cellular geared container carrier for sale, 1300 TEU, 17000 t deadweight, 2007 blt, 2x cranes 45 t, 250 ref. plugs, class DNV, ice class 1A
On your request, price change due to high market volatility
Location: Baltic Sea
Cellular container carrier with cranes for sale, 23700 DWT, 1740 TEU, 1275 homog TEU 14', 300 ref. plugs, 2010 blt, 2x 45 t cranes, LR next SS Aug 2025
On your request, can guide accurately on price
Location: China/Korea