Container Carriers
For sale Geared Container Carrier Vessel 6900 DWT on 6.8 m draft, 1996 Turkish built, 540 TEU, 60x ref. plugs, 2x cranes 40 t, LR ice II class till Dec 2026
Realistic price basis current world market
Location: Trading worldwide
For sale multipurpose carrier, 24320 DWT on 10.3 m draft, 2014 built, vol. (grain) 30980 cbm, 1440 TEU, cranes 3x 350 t max, DNV class, ME: MAN B&W
On your request against named interest
Location: Worldwide
For sale non cellular container carrier 8300 DWT on 7.2 m draft, 2006 built, container intake 570 TEU, 60x ref. plugs, gearless, VR class till Sep 2026
The price against named interest. Please request
Location: South-East Asia
For sale container carrier 10950 t DWT on 8.6 m draft, 1999 built, container intake 835 TEU, 80x ref. plugs, gearless, KR (IACS) till Jan 2025, BWTS fitted
Please advise if of interest
Location: FE/SE Asia
MPP boxed tweendecker container carrier for sale, 8000 t dwt on 7 m draft, container intake 280 TEU, holds volume 11705 cbm, cranes 2x 45 t, ME: Yanmar, NKK
Please contact us
Location: English Channel
For sale container ship 8000 dwt on 6.4 m draft, 2006 built, container intake: 500 TEU, gearless, 40x ref. plugs, gearless
We can guide on price
Location: East China Sea
For sale geared container vessel 13600 t DWT on 8.5 m draft, 2007 built, container intake: 1120 TEU, 2x cranes 45 t, ME: MAN, DNV ice class II
Please send an inquiry
Location: Trading worldwide
For sale geared container carrier, 13800 t dwt on 8.5 m draft, 2007 built, container intake 1025 TEU, gear: 2x cranes 45 t, BV class
No Price Guidance, best offers invited
Location: China-Korea range
For sale 2x Geared Open Hatch Single/Tween Gen Cargo/Bulk Carrier/Container, 2011 blt, 13000 DWT, 770 TEU, 50x ref plugs, 2x cranes 80 t, 16200 cbm, DNV class
Please advise interest
Location: 1x Carribean Sea, 1x Far East
For sale gearless single deck container carrier, 7200 DWT on 6.6 m, 1995 Japanese built, container intake 610 TEU, 100x ref. plugs, NKK class till Dec 2024
On your request, price change due to high market volatility
Location: Korea/Japan range