Dry Cargo Ships (5k-10k dwt)
German built geared container feeder vessel 8550 t deadweight, 710 TEU, hold volume 11840 cbm, 2x 40 cranes, DNV GL ice class 1D
As per agreement with Sellers, against named Buyers
Location: Caribbean
Geared Damen built MPP vessel, tweendecker, heavylifter, 9000 t deadweight, with 2x 60 t Liebherr cranes (combinable 105 t).
Under hard negotiations
Location: USA
BV classed, ice 1C 5x sisterships for sale. Vol. (grain): 9400 cbm. Good condition.
Location: Black/Mediterranean Sea
IACS classed, 10k t (12720 cbm grain) geared 2x 20 t italian blt cranes- gencargo vessel, freshly docked
Price reduced - 2.9 mln USD netto to owners
Location: Mediterranean/Black Sea
Geared MPP/dry cargo vessel. 2 sisterships available for sale. Reported as in well maintained condition. 2x cranes 36 t, highest ice class, BV docs.
5.8-5.9 mln USD for both sisters en bloc
Location: Black/Med/Continent
German blt geared 2x 60t general cargo/MPP vessel, RMRS (IACS) classed, ice 1A.
Try 4 mln USD netto to owners
Location: North Sea
Geared (2x cranes 60t), 5000 t dwt, 6800 cbm, 365 TEU, IACS class, good condition.
1.95 mln USD
Location: Inspection Far East Russia, South Korea
2x geared dutch blt MPPs 7800 t dwt for sale. Good condition.
On your request
Location: Med/Black/Continent Sea
For sale 3x sisterships, cranes 2x 200 t. Tweendeck MPPs. Blt 2001 in Portugal, 8100 t DWT.
Location: North China