Crew/Supply Boats
For sale Diesel-Electric Anchor Handling Tug Supply & Safety, 2006 built, 60 t bollard pull, 2x 1950 kW ASD propulsion and 2x 1500 kW Bow Thrusters, Fi-Fi1
on request
Location: Persian Gulf
For sale DP 2 PSV Platform Supply Vessel, 4000 DWT, 2016 Chinese built, LOA: 78 m, ME & AE: Cummins, cargo 1800 t, clear deck 760 sqm, ice class, Fi-Fi 1
On request - inviting serious named Buyers
Location: North China
Platform Supply Vessel (PSV) for sale, built 2016, DWT: 4040 t, clear deck area 760 sqm, deck cargo capacity 1800 t, Fi-Fi class 1, ice class 1B
Please request
Location: East coast of China
For sale salvage/recovery/survey/supply/research ROV support vessel DP2 class, with remote excavator and REX equipment, ice class 1A
Reduced price
Location: Baltic Sea
50 m crew supply boat, 78 pax, USA built 2002, MEs: 4x Caterpillar 5800 hp total power, speed 25 knts, 315 t deck cargo, clear deck area 220 sqm
550k USD
Location: West Africa/Atlantic
Multi-purpose workboat, shallow-draft aluminium catamaran. 12 pax+3 crew, 2x ME Scania 750 hp, water-jet propulsion, speed 22 knts, low fuel consumption 200l/h.
On your request, can guide accurately on price
Location: UK