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Category:    Floating cranes
Type of vessel:    Floating non-propelled full-circle crane 32 tonnes capacity
ID:    0081
Built:    1988, Romania
Price:    1 mln USD

Dimensions: LOA: 38 m, Beam: 20 m, Length: 38 m, Depth: 3.8 m, Draft: 2 m

Tonnage: GT: 851 t, NT: 255 t, Displacement: 1313 t

Class: Shipping Register of Ukraine

Capacity: 32 tons;

Other: Boom min: 9 m, boom max: 34 m; Hoisting height from water surface (draft 2.00m)(hook/grab) 24.0/21.0 m; Depth of fall lower the water surface (draft 2.00m) (hook/grab) 12,0/15,0 m;

Type: floating, non-propelled, full-circle, diesel-electric, grab/hook type crane with horizontal displacement of cargo due to derricking

Remarks: Floating non-propelled full-circle crane 32 tonnes capacity

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