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Image ID Built Dimensions Capacity Remarks Price
0322 2009, Malaysia LOA: 32 m · Beam: 9.8 m · Draft: 3.5 m 3200 hp, bollard pull: 42 t, towing hook, towing winch Located on Black Sea. Two sisterships: one is for sale, the second is for t/c. On your request
0317 1980, France LOA: 90.5 m · Beam: 16.5 m · Draft: 2.5 m 2300 t, free deck area: 1320 sqm, max deck strength: 15 t/sqm Heavy-lift and large dimensions cargo deck barge with accomodation for 2 crew. Located on Black Sea. Daily rate on your request
0282 1987, Italy LOA: 32 m · Beam: 8.6 m · Draft: 3.65 m 39 t BHP, 2100 hp, towing hook, towing winch. Vessel is ready for long charter worldwide for towage or harbour with the crew. Daily rate on your request
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