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Image ID Built Dimensions Capacity Remarks Price
0460 1992, Ukraine LOA: 55 m · Beam: 10.15 m · Draft: 4.1 m 2x ref. holds 415 cbm (temp: -18C, amonium coolant), trawl winch: 6.3 ts, drum capacity 2200 m, productivity: frozen fish: 22 t/day Inspection on North Sea, Russia upon the arrangement with CEMASTCO S&P as brokers. 425.000 USD
0433 1988, USSR LOA: 49 m · Beam: 11 m · Draft: 4.3 m Volume of cargo hold 435 cbm Reported as just after SS/DD, RMRS docs for 5 yrs. Inspection North Sea, Russia. 1.7 mln USD
0408 1988, Germany LOA: 31 m · Beam: 8.4 m · Draft: 3.5 m Hold: 180 cbm, refrig. for fresh fish box, 115x660 l, 14 cbm ice plant, 1x ice flake machine 10 cbm/daily, gutting machines, wash drum Direct owners. Reported as in good condition. Inspection Baltic Sea. 1 mln EUR try less
0378 1985, Norway LOA: 34 m · Beam: 8 m · Draft: 4.6 m Fish hold: Refrig. for fresh fish, 130x660 l cont., min 4500x25 kg fish boxes, 14 cbm ice plant, 2x gutting machines, wash drum The Vessel has modern electronic equipment d reported as in good condition. Operating Baltic Sea. 1.1 mln EUR try less
0091 1983, USA LOA: 63 m · Beam: 15 m · Draft: 4.7 m Hopper capacity 1376 m3 All the systems on board are hydraulic. Two generators, two main engines, two pumps, hydraulic washing-out all Caterpillar. Control - 2 Z-Drive rotated 360 degrees. Ability to control across the board up to 500-600 meters also Rainbow, Split. Location: Persian Gulf. Delivery worldwide. SOLD
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