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Image ID Built Dimensions Capacity Remarks Price
0433 1988, USSR LOA: 49 m · Beam: 11 m · Draft: 4.3 m Volume of cargo hold 435 cbm Reported as just after SS/DD, RMRS docs for 5 yrs. Inspection North Sea, Russia. 2 mln USD
0408 1988, Germany LOA: 31 m · Beam: 8.4 m · Draft: 3.5 m Hold: 180 cbm, refrig. for fresh fish box, 115x660 l, 14 cbm ice plant, 1x ice flake machine 10 cbm/daily, gutting machines, wash drum Direct owners. Reported as in good condition. Inspection Baltic Sea. On your request
0378 1985, Norway LOA: 34 m · Beam: 8 m · Draft: 4.6 m Fish hold: Refrig. for fresh fish, 130x660 l cont., min 4500x25 kg fish boxes, 14 cbm ice plant, 2x gutting machines, wash drum The Vessel has modern electronic system and reported as in good condition. On your request
0091 1983, USA LOA: 63 m · Beam: 15 m · Draft: 4.7 m Hopper capacity 1376 m3 All the systems on board are hydraulic. Two generators, two main engines, two pumps, hydraulic washing-out all Caterpillar. Control - 2 Z-Drive rotated 360 degrees. Ability to control across the board up to 500-600 meters also Rainbow, Split. Location: Persian Gulf. Delivery worldwide. SOLD
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