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Image ID Built Dimensions Capacity Remarks Price
0432 2006, Germany LOA: 0 m · Beam: 0 m · Draft: 0 m 250 t/h, bucket volume 125 l, bucket discharge time 10-30 l/min, buckets, length of the bucket frame 22 m, depth of development 8 m under water Well mainteined, low working hours. Located on Baltic. Possible to deliver the floating dredger in 26 TEUs worldwide. On your request
0431 70-s, USSR LOA: 40.6 m · Beam: 20 m · Draft: 2.25 m SWL 100 t capacity @ 20 m outright Inspection on Black Sea. 1,5 mln USD
0086 1969, USSR complete overhauled in 2013 LOA: 46.5 m · Beam: 17.5 m · Draft: 2.4 m 60 t This is floating crane with diesel-electrical engine units, capacity 60tons. The crane has purposes to serve hydro technical works such as mantle elements of various constructions and modules of the ports facilities, ship building and ship repair works, some dragged work. The crane can work without barges, because it has cargo deck for 200 tons cargo and can sail until 20 nautical miles from shore and accomplish the work in open areas without assistance of the tugs. 1.5 mln USD
0081 1988, Romania LOA: 38 m · Beam: 20 m · Draft: 2 m 32 tons; Floating non-propelled full-circle crane 32 tonnes capacity 1 mln USD
0053 1986, USSR LOA: 32.5 m · Beam: 15.7 m · Draft: 1.15 m 16 t Non self-propelled steerable floating crane KPL. 16 tonnes capacity. Documents valid till 2014. Good price. Inspection on Dnepr river. Temporary withdrawn from the market
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